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GPinfo is the most detailed and up-to-date database of Australasian petroleum exploration information available, including over 3,000 permits and 29,000 wells. 

Our team of petroleum information analysts collect data daily and compile a monthly update to ensure our subscribers remain the most informed and up-to-date in the industry.



Our subscribers use GPinfo to inform critical business decisions.


Use our data to monitor available acreage, track the activities of selected companies and view and manipulate the data on our custom-built GIS.

Subscribers can also import their own geospatial and tabular data into GPinfo and export data for use in third party mapping software, including Petrosys, ArcGIS and Mapinfo.


GPinfo has been producing the iconic Australasian Petroleum Permits Maps and eBooks for more than 30 years.


Visit our online store to purchase the Permits Map and enjoy fast tracked shipping on your purchases.

​From 2020, the Petroleum Permits eBook is available to map sponsors only. Contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Our map is endorsed by APPEA and released annually at the APPEA Conference.


GPinfo is the leading desktop data visualisation and manipulation package for the Australasian petroleum industry. GPinfo combines a comprehensive database of petroleum exploration information with an attractive and easy to use graphical interface for viewing and manipulating data. 

Our data is collected by our team of petroleum information analysts from a range of industry sources, providing accurate and up-to-date permit, well and company data for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. 

GPinfo is offered as an annual subscription with a flexible range of licensing options to suit your business needs. Data updates are provided monthly and are delivered via web download.

An industry institution for almost 30 years, in 2018 GPinfo became part of the Vela Software family and is now aligned with sister company Petrosys. A natural fit for GPinfo, Petrosys was established in Australia over 35 years ago and is the oil and gas industry leader in mapping, surface modelling, connectivity and data management software products for geoscience professionals. For more on Petrosys visit,

Working with Partners

GPinfo is partnered with MGPalaeo, the Australian biostratigraphic experts. This partnership allows our subscribers to view a high-level summary of all available geological data (biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphic picks, plus wireline logs, checkshot surveys, deviation data, and more) within MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS database.

This currently covers approximately 2000 wells across the North West Shelf, and further wells from other geographical regions with more being added.  

MGPalaeo’s ground-breaking AUSTRALIS geological database contains the most up-to-date interpretation of stratigraphical data that exists, with all palynological data reviewed and revised to one consistent zonation scheme (the industry standard MGP 2014).


A few of our valued subscribers using GPinfo as their primary Australasian petroleum information resource. 
We are proud to be the industry's standard when it comes to exploration intelligence. 


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