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The GPinfo desktop application provides accurate, complete and up-to-date petroleum, geothermal and sequestration permit, well and company data for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Perform powerful queries and analysis, whether you are monitoring available acreage, tracking the activities of selected companies or generating permit ownership summaries. Data updates are provided online monthly and are accompanied by an insightful e-newsletter summarising industry activity.

GPinfo is offered as an annual subscription service with a fully flexible range of licensing options to suit all business models.

History Dataset

The popular History Dataset is an optional module for GPinfo that provides permit geometry and detailed permit ownership information ranging from 1991 to the present. It includes every petroleum permit that has existed in the region during that time. 

Subscribers can click on any permit and show a timeline to reveal status changes, ownership changes and when partial relinquishments/extensions occurred.

5 GPinfo Features Most Popular with our Subscribers

Custom Built GIS

View and manipulate all graphical information, including well locations, permit polygons and seismic line locations, in the on-screen map and query intuitively by simply pointing and clicking.

Query Builder

Create multiple, persistent queries and perform dynamic data selections with the powerful query builder.

Import Data

Import your own geospatial and tabular data into GPinfo and display it alongside the standard system layers. Data can be imported in a range of industry standard formats, including SHP, TAB and MDB.

Export Data

Export graphical data in real world co-ordinates for use in third party software, including Petrosys, MapInfo Pro, ArcGIS and ER Mapper.

Attach Imagery

Attach large-scale, high-resolution imagery to enhance on-screen display and graphical output. JP2 and ECW formats accepted.

Image above shows transparent petroleum permits superimposed over a depth-to-basement image of Australia. Use large-scale, high-resolution imagery as a backdrop to enhance the display of your petroleum data.

5 Reasons our Subscribers Choose us over our Competitors


Our Australian based Petroleum Information Analysts have over 30 years' experience in the region and deliver the accuracy that only experience can provide.


We provide lower cost subscription options than our competitors.

Industry Expertise

Our team is in constant contact with key stakeholders and decision makers throughout the Australasian petroleum industry to ensure our subscribers are kept in the know.

Papua New Guinea

We visit PNG regularly to ensure we have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Monthly Updates

Our Analysts gather data daily and provide a monthly update to ensure GPinfo provides the most timely and up-to-date information and remains
Australasia's Definitive Source of Petroleum Exploration Information.

Image above shows Papua New Guinea petroleum permits. Areas in orange show recent additions or updates to GPinfo data following our latest data collection trip to PNG. 

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